Shawls and scarves for Sample


Shawls and scarves for Sample

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Shawls and scarves

These are the all-important details that add spice and variety to your wardrobe. A pair of glamorous earrings, shiny hosiery, pointy stilettos, and glossy red lipstick will change a business suit into a stunning evening ensemble in just minutes.

Accessories can be used to:

  • Turn a garment or outfit into the current season's look.
  • Revive or update classics.
  • Quickly change the ‘attitude' of an outfit.
  • Add colour or life to neutral coloured garments.
  • Focus attention where you want it.


Every day we adorn our outfits with focal points. These are items that attract attention and can lead the eye to or from a figure challenge. Accessories include more than just jewellery. They are anything that captures attention: scarves, coloured buttons, a bright splash of colour in a dark print, patch pockets on jeans, a white-collar emerging from a red sweater, logos, motif and even name badges. All are embellishments added to gain attention. They are invitations to look. If you have a large stomach, do you really want to wear a wrap-over top with a bulky tie at your waist? Or if you have a large behind, do you really need huge patch pockets sporting logos?

You are in control of what others will notice about you if you have a large stomach; place accessories (focal points) bust height or higher to make your upper body the centre of attention, not your stomach.


Scarves extend the usability of a garment. Far from being a ‘nana' item, scarves come in all kinds of fabrics, thickness and colours. Silk scarves are the best for business wear as their quality is always evident. When purchasing scarves in other materials, you should consider your neck length and circumference. If your neck is short or you have a full chin, only purchase scarves made of fine, soft fabrics such as chiffon and silk, as other fabrics will make your neck appear shorter and thicker and will feel restricting.


Your best choice for neutral coloured hosiery will be one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Be careful when selecting your neutral coloured hosiery (e.g. beige) that it is the right undertone for your personal colouring. You can ruin a look if your outfit is in warm tones and your neutral-coloured hosiery has a cool undertone. To gain maximum slimness and height from your outfits, match your hosiery, shoes and hemline. Carry a spare pair in your car, and your desk draw.

Always at least match two out of three items:

Your hosiery and shoes (different coloured skirt). Great for when bright colours are fashionable.

Your shoes and your skirt (different coloured hosiery). Great when wearing pastel or light-coloured garments

Never Wear:

Light coloured shoes with dark hosiery.

Extremely bright, dark, light, textured, shiny or patterned hosiery if your legs are less than perfect.

As a general rule, the higher your shoe heel and the more open your shoe, the sheerer your hosiery should be. Whenever possible, buy hosiery with Lycra or microfibre in the mix for a smoother, sleeker appearance and no sagging around the ankle. Avoid cheap mico-mesh stockings as they snag and run easily and also often cling to your skirts.